ICS - Privacy Policy


In order to preserve the privacy of our clients and those who interact with us through this website we establish this privacy policy. 

all of the CPA firms belonging to the ICS network establish the following: 


1. The personal information that we will gather through this website may include: name and last name, business name, emails, phone numbers, physical address, postal address type of business or industry and any other information that a person freely submits through our systems. 


2. ICS network firms may share information described in the previous paragraph between them, but will never share such information with third parties without obtaining prior consent from the person who provided their information, unless the person providing the information has acted contrary to the law, or causes harm or damages to any of the ICS network firms or to any third party. 


3. If you're part of a user or subscription list and any change was made to our privacy policy, such change will be notified through email. 


4. Third parties are not authorized to gather personal information about the online activities of our clients. 


5. Personal information gathered in our pages to enroll in seminars or courses or to request services, will be used to expand our client list. Upon submitting information in our website you are agreeing to be part of our email list and will receive our emails including news, messages and promotional information from any of the ICS network firms. You will always have the option to be removed from our email lists. 


6. Our web-page responds favorably to the "Do Not Track" option provided by most web browsers.